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How to custom embossed usb wristband-kid sized rubber bracelets

. Normally steps like the following. Choose bracelet style. The popular styles are debossed, embossed, colorfilled, printed and embossed printed. Our webist will show feature of each one. Choose size. Regular sizes of a rubber bracelet are 6”(150mm) for toddler, 7”(180mm) for youth, 8”(202mm) for adult in circumference and 1/4”(6mm), 1/2”(12mm), 3/4”(19mm), 1”(25mm) in width. Choose colors and quantity. There are 4 styles of colors mainly. They are solid, swirled, segmented, glowing and UV transfer. Normally you can select only one color for the logo or message. But if you need multi colors, we will give the best suggestion. Enter the message you need to put on the bracelet. You are able to make the message front and back or continuous outside. For the inside, the message can be printed or embossed. There will be import tax when the product arrives. So we have to make it clear if there is no tax and extra fee.  

es offer these silicone wristbands for purchasing and also have great offers for the product as well. Some can be purchased in department stores and yet others can be purchased via the Internet. When you buy them via the Internet there are web sites that offer to sell them in bulk packages too. Silicone wristbands are used for several different reasons. For promotional reasons, charity, and other important awareness groups. Some individuals just like to wear them to show his or her support for a group or event. And yet, silicone rubber bracelet are available in virtually any color with words on them. Some companies purchase them with his or her company name. Silicone wristbands are a good item to have in society today not only because they are popular but also because they do come in so many colours you can chookid sized rubber braceletsse whatever colour or design you want. You even have the ability of some web sites to create your own design or logo for them and then they will duplicate the design and place them on the silicone wristbands for you. Some times this does cost extra however not on all of the web sites. This also depends on what web site you are choosing to purchase them from and the type of logo you want to be placed on them.               silicone-wristbands-bulkrubber-band-bracelets-pictures

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f the colors of silicone rubber bracelets that have become indelibly linked in the minds of people as being associated with causes are:   Purple Rubber Bracelets Purple rubber bracelets are used for many different causes. Some represent general cancer research, others are for autism support. There are purple rubber bracelets that support Cystic Fibrosis research, Fybromyalgia, Lupus and domestic violence. There are also purple bracelets that are for supporting our troops (probably derived from the "purple heart" concept). And, purple wristbands are being used to support Alzheimer"s disease with the message "MINDSTRONG" printed on them.   Purple or lavender symbolizes fight against cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer and animal abuse. Blue signifies fight against colon cancer and child abuse. Designs and letters on custom silicone rubber bracelets are often simple, which speaks about a cause or concept. Some examples are finding a cure, support our troops, courage, spirit, love and Hope.             rubber-wristbands-custom-cheap

quantity and other options like glowing and individual pack. Make the mould or film. A mould is needed for debossed, embossed, colorfilled styles. We make a mould and set it in the machine, the high temperature of about 200℃ will solidify rubber into the sharp of bracelet. A film is functioned like a mould but it is for printed wristband only. It transfer the ink to the surface of bracelet as logo and wording. Prepare the rubber material. A rubber bracelet is mainly made from silicone rubber, and some other accessories like curing agent which solidify the soft rubber, and Color masterbatch which makes bracelet colored. We will mix these material evenly in a blender. It comes out a ball of rubber. We need to measure it into blocks of almost same weight which as much as the weight of a wristband. Produce bracelets by the mould. As we mentioned before in 2nd and 3rd step, we will transfer  the blocks to bracelets by a set of moulding machine of high temperature. When it cool down, it gets the characteristic of a bracelet, smooth and strengthened. Edge cutting. A semi-product of rubber bracelet has rough edges, we have to cut it off. The rough edge is cut by machine. It will be good. Color the logo and wording. The kid sized rubber braceletsbracelet comes out from moulding machine without colors on the logo and lettering. We have to fill the ink or print the ink on the bracelet. Different style has different way of printing. Clean the product. As the bracelet has static electricity, dust will be on the surface and hard to move off. So we need to clean the bracelet before packing. We usually wash it with water once. After washing, we will check the quality. Packing and delivery.    

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